This paperback edition of The Complete Adventures of Charlie and Mr Willy Wonka contains two of Roald Dahl's most extraordinary stories..."The one thing he longed for more than anything else was...CHOCOLATE."Charlie and the Chocolate Factory introduces our hero Charlie and the secretive chocolate factory owner Willy Wonka. Mr Wonka opens the gates to his factory to five lucky children, and Charlie is the fifth and final Golden Ticket winner. Beyond the factory doors lies a river of chocolate, edible plants and everlasting gobstoppers.In Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator, Charlie's adventures with Willy Wonka continue. Charlie has won the chocolate factory but things don't go to plan when he goes, in Wonka's Great Glass Elevator no less, to claim his prize. A daring adventure begins when Charlie and his family find themselves off course and orbiting the earth.Illustrated by Quentin Blake and with a section of Roald Dahl facts at the back.

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