3DR Radio Telemetry Kit With Case 433MHZ 915MHZ For MWC APM PX4 Pixhawk Ground station: Description: Item Name: 3DR Radio Telemetry Module Support to MWC / APM / PX4 / Pixhawk flight control Feature: Small size and light weight CP2102 high quality USB to TTL chips Alternatively 433MHZ or 915MHZ version Support MWC / APM / PX4 / Pixhawk other open source flight control Receiver sensitivity of -118 dBm The maximum transmit power 100mW MAVLink Framework Agreement Open Source Firmware Frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) 2-way full-duplex communication adaptive TDM Up to 25% can be corrected bit errors Based Si1000 and Si4432 wireless microcontroller modules. Package Included: 1 x 3DR Radio Telemetry with the case 2 x cables (APM/PIX) 2 x 3.5dbi antennas

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