Description : 28mm Sanding Sandpaper Flap Wheel Disc 80/120/180/240 Grit For Dremel Rotary Tools It only includes a wheel, please select the one you want. Grinding is sharp, high strength tensile, grinding pressure, good effect, with high production efficiency. Specification : Material : brown corundum abrasives, resin binder Diameter: about 28mm Thickness: 21mm Clip shank diameter: 3mm Shank Length: 30mm Grain size : 80# /120# /180# /240# Quantity: 1pc Scope: Selects Mitsubishi emery cloth, used to complex type of polishing, finishing hole between the metal and non-metallic. Especially for trimming, grinding, polishing those uneven surface and side surface. Package includes : 1 x Sanding Wheel More Details:

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