Function characteristic 1. Immediately after power relay will not pull until after the delay time the relay as long as uninterruptible power module this state will remain; 2. The delay time is adjustable from 1 to 20; 3.The use of genuine high-quality relay module can directly control AC or DC loads normally open interfaces Maximum load capacity: AC 0~250V / 10A DC 0~30V / 10A; 4. With a power indicator (red) 1 relay status indicator (blue) 5. The module voltage is 5V 12V optional please be sure to specify when users purchase; 6. With 4 bolts holes easy installation; 8. Input and output modules used in all terminals connected user-friendly connection; Instructions 1. After power-up pull-delay relay adjustable resistance clockwise to increase the delay time delay time adjustable 1~20 sec; 2. Common normally open normally closed three ports is equivalent to a dual-control switch relay coil power often beginning with a common terminal conduction when there is no electricity common and normally closed terminal conduction

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