Description: 600Pcs Insulated Cord End Terminal Bootlace Cooper Ferrules Kit Set Wire Copper Crimp Connector Features: 100% bland new insulated crimp terminals. Can be ideal used in marine and automobile applications. Allows visual inspection, prevents corrosion, and provided a waterproof seal. For best results use a hot air gun until it reduces in size and the adhesive flows, filling gaps within the terminal. Specification: AWG 10 (Green): F:12mm L:20.5mm W:6mm D:3.9mm C:3.4mm Quantity:50 AWG 12 (Orange): F:12mm L:19.5mm W:4.4mm D:3.2mm C:2.8mm Quantity:50 AWG 14 (Gray): F:12mm L:19.2mm W:4mm D:2.6mm C:2.3mm Quantity:100 AWG 16 (Black): F:10mm L:16.4mm W:3.5mm D:2mm C:1.7mm Quantity:100 AWG 18 (White): F: 8mm L:14.6mm W: 3mm D:1.7mm C:1.4mm Quantity:100 AWG 20 (Blue): F:8mm L:14.6mm W:2.8mm D:1.5mm C:1.2mm Quantity:100 AWG 22 (Red): F: 8mm L:14mm W:2.5mm D:1.3mm C:1mm Quantity:100 Package Included: 1 x 600pcs Insulated Crimp Terminals (with A box) Details pictures:

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