This unit covers preparing materials and performing routine oxy acetylene welding.This unit applies in a maintenance or manufacturing environment where the welding is not required to meet an Australian standard or equivalent. Fillet and butt welds would typically be performed on low carbon/mild steels.Where welding is required to meet Australian Standard 1554 General Purpose or equivalent codes, OHS regulations and/or licensing requirements, Unit MEM05022C (Perform advanced welding using oxy acetylene process) should be selected.Topic 1 - P.P.E. & Safe Working Practices:Topic 2 - Oxy-Acetylene Basics:Topic 3 - Equipment for Oxy-Acetylene Welding:Topic 4 - Oxy-Acetylene Gas Cylinders:Topic 5 - Welding Cast Iron:Topic 6 - Additional Ferrous Metal Welding: Topic 7 - Welding Non-Ferrous Metals:Topic 8 - Brazing & Soldering:

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