This unit covers setting up and operating a range of mechanical cutting and holing equipment and applies to sawing, shearing, cropping and/or holing and includes setting up and operating a range of equipment. Examples of machines that could be covered include guillotines, croppers, cold saws, band saws, automatic saws etc. Typical applications of this unit may include cutting for manufacture, production cutting and cutting of materials selected from stores in a maintenance environment.The unit does not cover hand or hand held power tools used for cutting e.g. circular saws, nibblers and side grinder. These skills are covered by Unit MEM18001C (Use hand tools) and Unit MEM18002B (Use power tools/hand held operations). This unit does not include the skills required for operational maintenance of the equipment used. Topics include: Cutting Methods, Metal Turning, Drill Press, Metal Shears, Cold Saw & Band Saw.

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