MarsBoard A20 includes CM-A20 & SOM-A10/A20. - CM-A20 is a core board based on Allwinner A20 processor. A20 is a popular processor for MID & TV box which integrates 2 Cortex-A7 processors of ARM and 2 Mali400 graphics processors. And it is one of the most powerful video decoding processor in the world. CM-A20 also includes power management chip AXP209 ethernet PHY LAN8710A 1GB DDR3 and 8GB NAND flash memory system etc; Besides it leads out all signal leads on A20 chip; They are 2 rows of 2 x 50PIN female and 1 rows of 2 x 20PIN female (unsoldered). The lead pitch is 1.27mm. - SOM-A10/A20 is an evaluation board based on CM-A20 core board. It includes VGA HDMI LCD CTP audio input / output CAMERA 10/100M ethernet SATA USB-OTG TV-In / Out WIFI 4 USP HOST and other interfaces. - MarsBoard A20 supports Linux (Debian Ubuntu) Android operating systems etc; It is great for education & study product prototype design and DIY projects. - Components and interfaces: VGA interface; Audio output interface; Audio input interface; Mircophone interface (need to be soldered); USB OTG interface; Power indicator light; USB WIFII module (RTL8188EU); USB WIFI onboard antenna; Micro USB debugging interface; CP2102 chip; Expansion IO interface; CM-A20 core board interface; IR interface (need to be soldered); Battery holder; Expansion CSI interface; FE1.1S USB HUB chip; Power key; 5V/2A power interface; 10M/100M ethernet interface; USB HOST interface; HDMI A type interface; TF card slot; SATA interface; Video input interface; Video output interface; User key; LCD interface. - Allwinner A20 CPU: ARM® Cortex-A7; Dual-Core GPU: ARM Mali400MP2 OpenGL ES 2.0/1.1; DDR3 1GB RAM; 8GB Flash; AXP209 power management chip; Serial debug LED; Power LED; LAN8710A 10M/100M ethernet PHY; J3 expansion interface (20 x 2 pin 1.27mm); .J1 expansion interface (50 x 2 pin 1.27mm); J2 expansion interface (50 x 2 pin 1.27mm).

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