ESP8266 ESP-01 Serial Port WIFI Transceiver Wireless Module + Adapter Module For Arduino Description: Transceiver Wireless Module: It run LWIP 802.11 bgn WIFI Direct (P2P),SOFT-AP Built-in TCP/IP The AT command is perfect,efficient,concise Support three modes: AP, STA and AP+STA coexistence mode A stable power supply was pure, battery-powered can solve everything ESP8266 start, you need to GPIO15 pull-down (if the module pin bitmap Without this pin, the internal representatives have pulled down without any treatment) GPIO0 GPIO2 pull-high (The default is two feet high, so not Do any processing). CH_PD This pin must be pulled-high. Our all modules meet the above two conditions to work properly. Adapter Module: A adapter module for ESP-01 Wi-Fi module. 3.3V voltage regulator circuit and onboard level conversion circuit can make 5V microcontroller easy to use with ESP-01 Wi-Fi module. Also, the item can be used with Arduino UNO R3 or compatible board. Here is schenmatic: Features: Working voltage: 4.5~5.5V (On-board 3.3V LDO Regulator) Working current: 0-240mA Interface logic voltage: 3.3V / 5V compatible(On-board level shift circuit) Package included: 1 x ESP-01 Wireless module 1 x ESP-01 Adapter module

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