Matrix converter (MC) as induction motor driver has received considerable attention because of its high integration capability and the higher reliability direct AC-AC power converter without any bulky DC link component. Widespread, systematic, and in-depth studies have been focused on the modulation algorithm and the commutation strategy of the MC, and the key technologies for its application in induction motor drive system. This book highlights on improving the performance of the induction motor drive based on the space vector modulation (SVM) method. In addition, some improvement is performed which are by using close-loop induction motor drive controller based on the relations of the efficiency and power factor with the rotor frequency and slip frequency in a steady state mathematical model and second, enhancing this controller by replacing the PI controller with the combination of Direct Torque Control (DTC) and Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO). The analysis should increase the understanding on Matrix converter and should be especially useful to professionals in electrical machine drives, or anyone else who may be considering utilizing online communities for marketing efforts.

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