The module uses 24 high-precision A / D converter chip hx711 is designed for high-precision electronic scale and design with two analog input channels the internal programmable gain amplifier integrated multiplier 128. The input circuit can be configured to provide a bridge voltage electrical bridge (such as pressure weight) sensor model is an ideal high-precision sampling front-end modules; Comprehensive error (% F.S): 0.05; Sensitivity (mv / v): 1.0 ± 0.1; Zero output (mv / v): ± 0.1; Input Resistance (ohm): 1000 ± 50; Output Resistance (ohm): 1000 ± 50; Insulation Resistance (Mohm): 2000 (100VDC); Recommended voltage (V) :5-10V; Operating temperature range ('C): ~ 10 - +15; Overload (% F.S): 150

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