Features Increase system overall performance by combining a small capacity high performance M.2 SATA SSD and a low cost high capacity hard driver Maximum 6Gbits/sec Port Multiplier Compatible Hot swappable Install into standard height or low profile system Compatible with any SATA I II or III hard drive NCQ support SATA III max transfer rate of 6.0Gbps M.2 specification revision 0.9 Serial ATA Spec. Reversion 3.2 Supports M.2 card size: 22 x 30 22 x 42 22 x 60 22 x 80 22 x 110 Supports M.2 B Key Card Type Note: Support M.2(NGFF) SATA SSD The efficiency mainly depends on M.2(NGFF) SSD master IC and the size of the capacity

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