Introduction It comes with Atmel AtMega32u4 (datasheet) @16MHz clock time and has expanded amounts of interfaces: 10 digital pins 5 analog pins and 4 pwn pins. To further make it user-friendly it is compatible with Micro USB so that direct programming and testing is no longer a headache. Select "Arduino Leonardo (tools >board > Arduino Leonardo in Arduino IDE) the ATmega32U4 comes preburned with a bootloader that allows you to upload any new code that is applicable to Arduino Leonardo. As a minimalized version of Arduino Leonardo it enjoys similar powerful functionalities. Beetle aims to solve problems of low-cost controller ease-of-using properly and to provide a low cost solution for disposable projects such as DIY projects workshops gift projects E-Textiles and educational. For students and makers who can not afford too much on hardware purchasing Beetle can be a great solution for them. Features Direct downloading and testing via Micro USB V-shaped large-size gold-plated IO ports make it convenient for the user to twist wires upon and can also be directly sewn on clothes with conductive thread. Two honeycomb shape gold-plated power interface Magic light blue soft BLINK indicator Specification Microcontroller: ATmega32u4 Clock Speed: 16 MHz Operating Voltage: 5V DC Digital I/O Pins: 10 PWM Channels: 4 Analog Input Channels: 5 UART: 1 I2C: 1 Micro USB: 1 Power Ports: 2 Flash Memory: 32 KB of which 4KB used by bootloader SRAM: 2.5 KB EEPROM: 1 KB Manual:

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