After getting out of the Coast Guard, Rick Bristol had no direction in his life. Without a job, career, true friends, or family, he found himself lost in his life. He found himself at an impasse with his life and spiritual walk. Not knowing where to turn for the next chapter in his life, he got on his Honda Goldwing and traveled east to see his only aunt, who was suffering from cancer and asking for him. Since she was his only living relative, he made his mind up to visit and possibly take care of her during her final days and become closer to her.Little did he know his whole life was going to take a turn toward a mysterious journey that will touch the lives of people he never knew. This quest would find him learning about his family’s past he never knew about and would face the heartbreaking knowledge of his own history. This would be a path that he would later understand God had arranged for his life, if he would just submit to His leading. And in doing so, he would also enjoy something he didn’t plan on during this time of his life, something that would give him a purpose and have hope of a joyful life he didn’t know he was capable of enjoying.

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