Brand Navo Quantity 1 Piece Color OthersYellow Material PCB English Manual / Spec Yes Other Features Download: USB (microcontroller that can download STC) and 10-pin (microcontroller that can download AT89S1 AT89S52). Power: USB and 5V external power supply. With 8-CH LED indicator. The crystal oscillator uses plug that can change for different sizes for different needs. The pin heads 5V power and GND facilitate extension circuit. With 4-digit 7-segment display 4 keys buzzer 1602 / 12864 LCD circuit port Bluetooth module port steering engine and IR light switch port. The P1 port can be used for wire jumper. The STC12C5A60S2 can be used as AD converter input and PWM output port. Certification QC Packing List 1 x Module 4 x Dupont cable (20cm) 1 x Crystal oscillator

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