Voltage: 12V; Quiescent current: 12.5mA; Max. current: 115mA; Interface: DC+ (12V DC anode of power supply) DC- (12V DC cathode of power supply) IN1~IN3 (1~3 channel trigger control support high or low level trigger) TRV+ (external trigger anode of power supply) TRV- (external trigger cathode of power supply) 3 microswitch(1-3 channel testing button); White wire connector (1~3 channel extension switch control); NO1NO3: normal open interface (suspended before connection and shorted with COM after connection); COM1COM3: common interface; NC1NC3: normal close interface (shorted with COM before connection and suspended after connection); Press touch button to lock corresponding relay and press it again to disconnect it; Suitable for controlling household appliances factory equipments.

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