Musical scare by El Brujo's Gorpchestra Violent score by the Galactic Trash Wrestling Alliance superstars like El Brujo, Boris The Butcher, Moloko, PedroPoo, Stargazer, Chupacabras, The Hillbilly Bruiser, Gas Chamber George, El SD and many more...A must see for all grindhouse, b-movie, trash, comic, rock'n'roll and wrestling fans! We say it's a hit. After you watched you'll say it!01. Into02. El Brujo's Gorechestra “Odey” 03. Headcrusher Vs Moloko & Stargazer04. El Brujo's Gorechestra “Obsessed” & “Here Come The Zombies” 05. Pain Ind. Vs Fireball06. El Brujo's Gorechestra “Where Doomed Souls Grief In Eternal Agony” 07. Boris The Butcher Vs Pedo Poo & El Sd08. El Brujo's Gorechestra “Like A Motherfucker” 09. El Brujo's, Megabrujo, Chupacabras Vs The Hillbilly Bruiser & Scarecrowman10. El Brujo's Gorechestra “Prisoner Of Love” 11. Big Bad Handicap Match12. All You Can HitBonus: TrashocalypsePiclure GalleryArtwork Gallery

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