Color: Blue - Material: FR4 - Master control CPU: Cortex-M3 STM32F107VCT6 - Highly open system I/O development no limitation - Clear identification and convenient port easy for MCU debug and test - Power supply switch: "5V DC" or "USB" - With Power LED - With User LED easy to know the program running state - With Rest button - With user button - With rocker (up down left right push-down) - 32.768K crystal oscillator for built-in RTC use or calibration use - Port introduction: Ethernet 8-Bit I/O port CAN1 port CAN2 port SPI1 /SPI2 ports I2C1 / I2C2 port LCD port ONE-WIRE port PS/2 port USART1 port USART2 port USB OTG port - Jumper introduction: BOOT choose jumper USB OTG jumper PS/2 port jumper User LED jumper VBAT choose jumper 74LVC139 choose jumper11 - Package includes: - 1 x Open107V development board - 1 x PL2303 UART board - 1 x USB A male to mini USB male cable (80cm) - 1 x USB A female to mini USB male cable (15cm) - 2 x 4Pin test cable (18cm) - 2 x 2Pin test cable (18cm) - 1 x 100~240V charger (2-flat-pin plug / 80cm-cable) - 1 x CD - 1 x 3.5" 320 x 420 Touch LCD (A) - 1 x Analog Test Board - 1 x SN65HVD230 CAN Board - 1 x DP83848 Ethernet Board - 1 x AT24CXX EEPROM Board(I2C) - 1 x Micro SD storage board (SDIO/SPI) - 1 x AT45DBXX DataFlash Board(SPI) - 1 x SL811 USB Board - 1 x VS1003B MP3 Board - 1 x Network cable (1.5m)

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