Do you know what your neighbours get up to behind closed doors? And more to the point, do you want to know? ‘The Rise and Fall of the Queen of Suburbia is a darkly comic portrayal of marriage, relationships, neighbours and suburbia.Welcome to Littlehaven, where serving pineapple with cottage cheese at a dinner party is the very height of glamorous sophistication; where sulky teenagers join CND and obsess as much about the threat of nuclear war as they do about their latest acne outbreak; and where missing a Green Goddess-led aerobics session is the true definition of disaster. ‘The Rise and Fall of the Queen of Suburbia’ follows the intertwined stories of the inhabitants of Pollards Close in love and out of love, in marriage and in flagrante, in health and in sickness, in work and out of work, in triumph and in tragedy.‘The Rise and Fall of the Queen of Suburbia’ is a black-hearted soap opera, a smart, sharp study of obsession, paranoia and class, set against an all-too-recognisable backdrop of the decade that taste forgot.

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