Many years ago Bob Dylan wrote: "The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind," but we've learned that really important answers don't come that easily. Asking questions is a sign of a healthy, growing faith, a faith that drives us deeper into God's Word. That's the reason God's first question in the Old Testament is "Where are you?" while the first question the wise men ask in the New Testament is "Where is He?" It's been observed that God answers just enough questions to get us through the day, while leaving us with enough unanswered questions so we can look forward to learning more tomorrow. This book is designed to deal with some of our most difficult questions or troubling issues . . . from a biblical perspective. At times it may appear that some questions have no answer, or maybe have more than one, or perhaps have answers that contradict each other. That's one reason we're not only to confront knotty questions, but willingly accept God's unraveling answers.

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