[b]Incredible Japan is a crash course in Japanese cultureIt is an introduction to those inimitable aspects of Japan which are necessarily alien to the foreign observer. With delightful cartoons by the Japanese artistt—illustrator, Masakazu Kuwata.The book proves that what is incredible about Japan is not inexplicable, and provides enlightenment on such potentially incomprehensible paradoxes as:Highly-skilled young men who hold degrees in judo—and flower arrangement.The «man in the moon»—who isn't a man at all, but a rabbit.Charming hotels with no public dining rooms and no private baths.Attractive gift packages so meticulously wrapped in paper proclaiming the poor quality of the contentsAfter chuckling through this book, the reader will find he has become effortlessly informed on the history, houses, food, clothing, customs, language, and amusements of Incredible Japan.

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