Exam SAM's "TOEFL Listening Practice Tests: TOEFL Listening Preparation for the Internet-based and Paper Delivered Tests" contains three complete TOEFL practice listening tests.The recordings for this book are included for free. The instructions for accessing the mp3s are provided on page 2 of the book.Each practice listening test in this book has six sections, just like the actual TOEFL exam, so there are 18 listening passages for you to try.The tips at the beginning of the book explain the format of the TOEFL iBT and paper-based listening tests and tell you what to expect on your exam day.There is a complete answer key with in-depth explanations for each answer, so that you can understand why each answer is the correct one.The explanations give you additional tips to help you improve your test-taking technique.The book also includes the complete scripts for each of the listening tests, which you should read after completing each of the practice tests.Reading the listening scripts will help improve your knowledge of the vocabulary and idioms included on the TOEFL exam.Get a step ahead in your exam preparation with Exam SAM Study Aids & Media!

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