This AU Plug Power Energy Consumption Watt Meter will measure energy and cost of the household appliances. You can monitor which appliances are the killers of the high cost of energy to reduce the power bill and carbon emissions. Features Wide Application, Perfect for measuring Power(W), Energy (kWh), Voltage, Amps, Hertz, Power Factor and Minimum & Maximum Power. Low power consumption. Large LCD display for your easy reading. Simply plug the meter into the wall and then plug your appliance into the meter. Overload Protection, LCD will display the OVERLOAD with booming noise to warn the users. Built-in cell battery to store electricity and saving setting when power outage. Specifications Operating Voltage 240VAC Frequency Display 50HZ Operating Current Max 10A Wide Voltage Range 150V-240V Timing Display Range 0 second~9999 days Wattage Display Range 0.0W~9999W Voltage Display Range 0V~9999V Current Display (amps) 0.000A~10.000A Frequency Display 0Hz~9999Hz Wattage Display Range 0.0W-9999W Price display range 0.00COST/KWH~99.99COST/KWH Package Contents1 x Power Meter 1 x User Manual

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